Health and Safety Training

The Quality Child Care & Protection Act requires that a person who wishes to become a family or group family child day care provider successfully complete a health and safety training course. The SUNY Health and Safety Training: Competencies for Becoming a Family or Group Family Provider curriculum developed for the New York State Office of Children and Family Services allows potential providers to fulfill this mandate. Child Care Resource Network is authorized by SUNY to offer this course to prospective and existing child care providers.

The curriculum provides competency based training in the following topics:
  1. Safety
  2. Supervision
  3. Special Infant Issues
  4. Child Abuse and Maltreatment
  5. Food Safety
  6. Infection Control
  7. Health
  8. Sanitizing
  9. Universal Blood Precautions
  10. Diapering
The Health and Safety curriculum provides a comprehensive guide to health and safety issues and includes several videotaped segments. For further information, and/or to schedule a class series, contact us.